How to Become a Christian

If you’re interested in exploring Christianity, or would like to learn how to become a Christian, we recommend looking at this presentation from matthias media called “Two Ways to Live.” There you will see the six points that provide a brief summary of the whole story of the Bible, fitted logically together as a coherent set of propositions. These are:

  1. God the creator; humanity ruling under his authority.

  2. Humanity rebels, wishing to run things its own way.

  3. God judges (and will judge) humanity for this rebellion.

  4. In his love, God sends Jesus to die as an atoning sacrifice.

  5. In his power, God raises Jesus to life as ruler and judge.

  6. This presents us with a challenge to repent and believe.

If after looking at this presentation you have more questions, or would prefer to have someone explain the story of the Bible to you in person, please don’t hesitate to contact us.